Christmas in Chicago

A favorite childhood memory is Chicago at Christmas time.  My Mother would take us to the city to view the animated windows filled with trains, gifts and Christmas lights.  Every year Marshall Field's would outdo last years windows.  There was always a visit to Santa Clause and shopping for that Christmas Dress.  Things in the windows are not as ornate now that Macy's bought the store, but they have kept that spirit of Field's alive in the huge Clock.  Somethings shouldn't be changed.

Enjoy these Christmas scenes  2012 and Happy Holidays to you.

Macy's Walnut Room


Anonymous said…
Those photos convey to me a little of what Christmas Spirit must feel like. I just realised I must be a bit of a hereditary grouch about Christmas celebrations as I've never felt this joy/exhileration etc since I was a very small child- maybe 5 years old (now 60). Never since have I wanted to attend Christmas parades or nativity scenes, plays etc. Not having snow etc in Australia probably hasn't helped, but I think I never had a wider family around to make anything out of Christmas! Sharing these scenes you've put here must be a good feeling for you! Hope Christmas has been merry for you and yours!

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