Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pikes Market, Seattle, WA in the Spring

Hinsdale, IL

Washington State

Lived and traveled to all in this past year:

Oahu, Hawaii

Ottawa, IL

Nevada Desert

Washington State Sunset
 Photographed Sunsets, Mountains, Palm Trees, Oceans and Newborns of course!  It's my passion and pleasure to create memories and creative photos.

Happy New Year ....See you in 2012.

Just a few of my favorite pictures from 2011...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Looking over Christmas photos this morning.  This was an Elmo Christmas!  How quickly they grow up.......

Washington Christmas 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More from Nevada

During my recent trip to Nevada I had the opportunity to visit the China Ranch in the Mojave Desert. They are located 85 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada, off Highway 127 en route to Death Valley National Park. Camping, motels and free natural hot mineral baths are available in nearby Tecopa Hot Springs and Shoshone.  When you go to Vegas and want to take a break from gaming this is a lovely one day trip out of Vegas and into the scenic desert.  Gas up because the Shell Station entering the Mojave charges 5.00 a gallon because they are the only gas station in town. I'd put them on the to do list!  The dates grow in that cluster of trees on an oasis in the middle of this desert.  It's quite extraordinary!  The dates they grow are the sweetest I have ever tasted.  It's amazing to see this in the middle of "nothing".  God surely places surprises in the most unusual spots.  

Along with the gift shop there are hiking trails.  Always hike with a buddy and know that the desert while beautiful can be sharp and dangerous.  Use caution and dress appropriately when embarking on a desert hike.  Obey all keep out signs, because of old gold mines and such these keep out areas are about your safety in mind.  I cannot think of a better day then camera in hand and a lovely spring day at China Ranch.

@photography by BA Newson

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Desert Photos from Nevada

Amergosa Hotel and Opera House

One would never think that working with photography and different global conditions would provide a challenge, but recently I was photographing the desert.  I've dealt with the ocean in Hawaii for the past 7 years and in switching to sand and the desert I found it was quite different in terms of editing sand versus water!

  One would think a photo is a photo, but it's way different with colors and tones from island to death valley!  Nice change to work with ...I never thought it would be so different as it was.  A challenge in it's self.  Once you get the hang of the difference, it's smooth from that point.  Experiment with different genre and try ...just try.  It's surprising.

Monday, December 26, 2011

On to 2012

The signs of Christmas Day are fading..and now it's on to New Years.  I'm very ready for a new year to begin.  Since I last blogged I've visited relatives in Nevada plus Christmas in Washington State.  Pictures to come.  I have experienced some Dell issues but nothing overly serious...

I look back over the photography collection I've amassed since April and I must admit things are progressing to my liking.  I've worked with photo editing and my Nikon and like the results.  Perhaps my friend in Hawaii was right that many artists are solitary people who need space to create and learn.  She said artists most times are around people when needed the rest of their time and lives are theirs to create without interruption.  I think she's on to something there....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Been Very Busy ...But Worth All the Effort

Ok, I admit I have been delinquent with updating this Blog.  Poor thing, it might have just gone off over the deep end, but I am back and do solemnly promise to update this with new and interesting photos.  Some times life goes in strange directions.  We really have no control over all of that.  Sometimes it's just best to roll with it and learn by our mistakes.  Seriously, I've learned a lot since I left Hawaii.  I know I would not have changed anything about my life there...but it's all about Photography now.  Travel, photography and learning through the eye of my Nikon..what's it all about Alphie?  I truly do not have a clue, but I'm willing to bring you along for the journey..if you are so inclined.  Life should be exciting and an adventure.  That it has been, no doubt.  I've learned to never ask for more then you yourself are willing to give.  That's been the big lesson this year. 

It's now time for this photographer in the next month to venture into Desert Photography.  I look forward to taking some sunrise and sunset winter shots in Nevada plus back to Washington State and it's Fall colors.  Going to be exciting and a change up from Floral shots which I focused on this summer.  I believe a good photographer should be comfortable in just about any setting so that depending on what's needed at any given time you can work with a variety of subjects. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts on Photography

It has been a very long time since I posted on this blog.  I am going to do better this last half of the year!  Lot's of changes since I last put a post on here.  I am now in the Chicago area!  My hometown.  I miss the friends and coworkers in Hawaii, but I will return to the island for a visit.