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Been Very Busy ...But Worth All the Effort

Ok, I admit I have been delinquent with updating this Blog.  Poor thing, it might have just gone off over the deep end, but I am back and do solemnly promise to update this with new and interesting photos.  Some times life goes in strange directions.  We really have no control over all of that.  Sometimes it's just best to roll with it and learn by our mistakes.  Seriously, I've learned a lot since I left Hawaii.  I know I would not have changed anything about my life there...but it's all about Photography now.  Travel, photography and learning through the eye of my Nikon..what's it all about Alphie?  I truly do not have a clue, but I'm willing to bring you along for the journey..if you are so inclined.  Life should be exciting and an adventure.  That it has been, no doubt.  I've learned to never ask for more then you yourself are willing to give.  That's been the big lesson this year. 

It's now time for this photographer in the next month to venture …