Back with some lovely orchid pictures.  I visited an open house at an orchid wholesale company.  It was amazing.  I've loved orchids all my life.  Each one so unique.

10 Favorites for 2014

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I really do put this blog here for You!  I try my best to find interesting and informative subject matter you may find of interest.  I slip in a few just for me as well.  LOL  I do hope to add some travel on this coming spring and summer.  

 Navy Pier and Chicago Harbor on Lake Michigan

 Busse Woods, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

 LaSalle Street Bridge, Chicago, IL

 Pahrump, Nevada

 Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois

A Chicago Autumn


Christmas in Chicago

A favorite childhood memory is Chicago at Christmas time.  My Mother would take us to the city to view the animated windows filled with trains, gifts and Christmas lights.  Every year Marshall Field's would outdo last years windows.  There was always a visit to Santa Clause and shopping for that Christmas Dress.  Things in the windows are not as ornate now that Macy's bought the store, but they have kept that spirit of Field's alive in the huge Clock.  Somethings shouldn't be changed.

Enjoy these Christmas scenes  2012 and Happy Holidays to you.

Sunset Magic Island 2006

Sunset Magic Island 2006, a photo by bpalaith on Flickr. Oahu, Hawaii

Pali Lookout

Pali Lookout, a photo by bpalaith on Flickr.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Oak Park, IL

Frank Lloyd Wright, Oak Park, IL, a photo by bpalaith on Flickr. Home and Studio